Introduction to La Ruta de las Casas Típicas

The first La Ruta de las Casas Típicas (Route of rustic houses) is located in the municipality of Las Galeras, in the Samaná Peninsula, in the northeast of the Dominican Republic.

Las Galeras and its dream beaches

The village of Las Galeras is known for its beautiful secluded white sand beaches, its coconut trees and translucent waters. Hundreds of humpback whales head from Canada to reproduce in its warm waters every year between January and March.

Among our dream beaches, Playa Rincón is an impressive 3 miles (5 kilometers) long beach lined with coconut trees, Playa Frontón and its black cliff that overhangs it, is only accessible by boat or on foot. Playa Colorada and its cinnamon-colored sand are ones of the most beautiful beaches in the country, if not in the world.

Las Galeras from its countryside

However, beyond the dream beaches, the whale watching season and the luxuriant landscapes, the roads of Las Galeras cross a quantity of picturesque hamlets that you should not miss. They are the best way to discover the heart of the Dominican Republic, the smile and warmth of its inhabitants, its rural life and its typical and colorful wooden houses.

If you take the time to travel these roads, you will fall in love with its small mountains, its red dirt roads and its impressive panoramic views.

Away from the main road, this bucolic route will allow you to contemplate the small colored houses that symbolize for some their childhood memories and for others that of a time when life was simpler and more connected to nature.

You will see the locals smiling and waving, the children coming home from school in their pretty uniforms, the women hanging out the laundry or shelling the “guandules” (a kind of pea) for dinner.

Tourism has brought economic progress to Las Galeras; thanks to your support to the locals, rather than erasing a past they are sometimes ashamed of, they will now be able to preserve, next to their new homes, their typical houses that give the village its charm, its soul and its identity.

Taste a freshly brewed coffee, eat a delicious dish prepared with love, buy some souvenirs or local handicrafts, live the experience of sleeping in a typical house are values that La Ruta de las Casas Típicas wants to maintain for a sustainable and reasoned tourism.

Your visit is a real support to the community that will leave you with unforgettable memories. It also helps local owners value their typical houses and be able to show them to their grandchildren and visitors from all over the world in the future.

Discover the interactive map of La Ruta de las Casas Típicas.